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Reverse Printer

The Reverse Printer designed by Kim Su Yeon, is a concept that believes in the reverse process of normal printer functionality. It removes ink from printed-paper! It proposes to zap out ink using laser technology to allow old printouts to be reused and recycled. Find out more at: Yanko Design Advertisements

Karate Chopper

Show your vegetables whose boss with this chopper. Pull black belt karate moves and some serious “HI YA’s” while whipping up your favourite salads. Dishwasher safe and measuring 4″ by 11.25″ Find out more and purchase at : Gama-Go

Salt/Pepper Explosion

BOOM flavour explosion No explanation necessary. Add some bang to your meals with these porcelain shakers. $16 for the set at Yanko Design. Find out more and purchase at: Yanko Design

Zipper Cup

If you’re an avid tea drinker, you understand how annoying it is to have the tag fall into the cup or tickle your face when you drink. The Zipper Cup by Yanko Design features a clever pull-downed zipper that’s both cute and functional! The white ceramic cups are sold as a pair for just $40. Find … Continue reading

Let Reading Blossom: A Bookmark

Place this little nature themed bookmark inside the pages to find the sprout blossoming as you open it. Or place it on the edge like a traditional bookmark to add a cute and natural feel to your bookshelf. Just $6 for a set of 2. Find out more and purchase at: Connect Design

Fuego Element Portable Grill

As the summer heat rolls in, everyone begins to hit the backyards, the camp grounds, beaches, pools and parks. What could make those outings with family and friends better but a BBQ? The Fuego Element Portable Grill is designed for hand-toting, fold-and-fling fun on the go. With a push of a button, the legs fold out for … Continue reading

An Elegant Travel Watch Case

If you’re a watch lover, traveling with your expensive watches is a difficult problem to address. Bamford & Sons have worked to produce a unique and elegant solution for the watch collector on the go with their new Aluminum Watch Holder. Made of anodized aluminum crafted into a cylindrical tube, it keeps up to four … Continue reading

The Bento Pad Designed By Rene Lee

The Bento Pad is a cinematic tablet that works to compliment your computer, not replace it. It is truly an innovative approach to the fast growing market of tablet computers. The website offers an extensive collection of pictures which I will include below. I will allow them to do the explaining. Read more about it … Continue reading

A Battery to Save the Environment…And Your Wallet

Moxia Energy Ltd., have developed the USBCELL. A NiMH rechargeable battery that draws energy from a USB port. Over 15 billion batteries are needlessly thrown away each year, enlarging landfills and encroaching on the beauty of our natural environment. A rechargeable battery is pivotal for an eco-friendly world and at just 10.99 Euros, it is … Continue reading

Everyone Loves Food

After living months in a dormitory, you come realize how truly important a good meal is. You can only go so long on the satirical meals offered by the cafeteria and the cholesterol pies brought to your door by the local pizza parlour. A student needs to eat! The Cookease, designed by Liew Ann Lee, … Continue reading


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