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Karate Chopper

Show your vegetables whose boss with this chopper. Pull black belt karate moves and some serious “HI YA’s” while whipping up your favourite salads. Dishwasher safe and measuring 4″ by 11.25″ Find out more and purchase at : Gama-Go Advertisements

Salt/Pepper Explosion

BOOM flavour explosion No explanation necessary. Add some bang to your meals with these porcelain shakers. $16 for the set at Yanko Design. Find out more and purchase at: Yanko Design

Zipper Cup

If you’re an avid tea drinker, you understand how annoying it is to have the tag fall into the cup or tickle your face when you drink. The Zipper Cup by Yanko Design features a clever pull-downed zipper that’s both cute and functional! The white ceramic cups are sold as a pair for just $40. Find … Continue reading


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